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Math Is Everywhere

February 4, 2020

As we explore our environment we discover that math is everywhere! Open ended & inquiry based activities will highlight early mathematical & numeracy literacy & support your child to build many skills in the domains of development. (EarlyON: Registration required. 2-4 years of age)

Preschool Time

May 28, 2019

Children will continue the important work of inquiry based play.  The play environment will reflect your child’s interests and curiosity including early learning activities which help build on those important developmental domains. This program also incorporates the four foundations of learning, from “How Does Learning Happen”, which are important for children to grow & flourish. … Continue reading Preschool Time

Child Minding

April 1, 2019

While parents attend workshops, access specialized services and consultations, staff will provide quality care in a nurturing and engaging early learning environment. (Registration required – small fee may apply)

School Here I Come

April 1, 2019

Children will play and practise those important skills he/she will need to get ready for full day kindergarten. In an environment supporting the relationship between the child and facilitator, and building for the Four Foundations of Early Learning, the curriculum will be guided by the research and learning shared in the How Does Learning Happen?… Continue reading School Here I Come

Adventures in Math and Science

April 1, 2019

Beginning math and science concepts will be infused in the early learning environment. Adults and children will explore, investigate and experience play based math and science activities. These activities foster critical thinking and problem solving from an early age. (Drop In – Parents and children 2-4 years)

Creative Kids

March 29, 2019

Children will engage and express their creative and imaginative skills through art, sensory and exploring loose parts. Child will make their own choices according to their interests while adults follow their lead in the play. Adults will learn some innovative ideas to enhance their child’s learning in fun, natural and budget wise activities. (Drop In –… Continue reading Creative Kids