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Main Site

150 Queen Street South
Bolton, ON L7E 1E3
Phone: 905-857-0090
Fax: 905-857-0107
[email protected]

Mobile Village Sites

Alton – Public Library
35 Station St., Caledon (Alton)

Valleywood – Margaret Dunn Valleywood Library
20 Snelcrest Dr., Caledon (Valleywood)

Caledon East – St. James Anglican Church
6029 Old Church Rd., Caledon (Caledon East)

Palgrave – Caledon Equestrian Centre
200 Pine Ave, Caledon (Palgrave)

Cheltenham – Cheltenham Baptist Church
14520 Credit View Road, Caledon (Cheltenham)

Caledon East – Caledon East Community Complex
6215 Old Church Rd. (behind OPP Station), Caledon (Caledon East)

Southfields Village (Temporary Storefront)
12560 Kennedy Road, Unit # 5., Caledon (Southfields Village)

Hours of Operation

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the CPCC operating hours may be restricted, and drop-in family time programming may be cancelled or offered in a pre=registered capacity.

We ask that families consult our website for available pre-registered in-centre and outdoor programs, as well as our growing list of virtual programs.

Staff Directory

Executive Director
Teresa Colasanti
[email protected]

Finance Manager
Susan Partyka
[email protected]

Fund Development Officer
Lisa Chin
[email protected]

Program Manager
Ailsa Stanners-Moroz
[email protected]

Manager of Community Relations & Volunteers
Shelly Ives
[email protected]

Operations Manager
Diane West
[email protected]

“I attend with my grandson 3 days a week and as a grandparent who has retired from teaching, I appreciate the social interaction which is provided to parents and caregivers. My daughter-in-law, who had spoken to neighbours, highly recommended the programs offered.”

CPCC grandparent