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Main Site

150 Queen Street South
Bolton, ON L7E 1E3
Phone: 905-857-0090
Fax: 905-857-0107

Mobile Village Sites

Alton – Public Library
35 Station St., Caledon (Alton)

Valleywood – Margaret Dunn Valleywood Library
20 Snelcrest Dr., Caledon (Valleywood)

Caledon East – St. James Anglican Church
6029 Old Church Rd., Caledon (Caledon East)

Palgrave – Caledon Equestrian Centre
200 Pine Ave, Caledon (Palgrave)

Cheltenham – Cheltenham Baptist Church
14520 Credit View Road, Caledon (Cheltenham)

Caledon East – Caledon East Community Complex
6215 Old Church Rd. (behind OPP Station), Caledon (Caledon East)

Southfields Village (Temporary Storefront)
12560 Kennedy Road, Unit # 5., Caledon (Southfields Village)

Hours of Operation

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the CPCC operating hours may be restricted, and drop-in family time programming may be cancelled or offered in a pre=registered capacity.

We ask that families consult our website for available pre-registered in-centre and outdoor programs, as well as our growing list of virtual programs.

Staff Directory

Executive Director
Teresa Colasanti

Finance Manager
Susan Partyka

Fund Development Officer
Lisa Chin

Program Manager
Ailsa Stanners-Moroz

Manager of Community Relations & Volunteers
Shelly Sargent

“I attend with my grandson 3 days a week and as a grandparent who has retired from teaching, I appreciate the social interaction which is provided to parents and caregivers. My daughter-in-law, who had spoken to neighbours, highly recommended the programs offered.”

CPCC grandparent