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August 1, 2022

Let’s make life simple!
The Caledon Parent-Child Centre has been adding new programs and improving our open hours steadily over the last few months. We know it can be somewhat confusing to keep up with all the updates, so here are 3 quick reference “AT A GLANCE” calendars you can refer to anytime.

Southfileds Village August At-A-Glance Calendar

A Couple of Frequently Asked Questions:
1. Are your programs and drop in free?
Yes, they are.

2. Do I have to register in advance?
For pre-registered programs, we do ask that you register in advance on our website, as there may be size restrictions in place. Drop In does not require pre-registration, though we do collect some info as you enter, if it is your first visit.

3. How can I stay up to date about additions and changes?
We’ll update these calendars regularly to keep you in the know. If you are looking for info on Village sites (Cheltenham – Monday morning; Alton – Wednesday morning) or virtual programs, please visit and click on the calendar link.

To receive regular updates about new programs, closures, events in the community and more, join our mailing list for our regular e-blast newsletter via text messaging (details on our home page: