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To provide support, resources and education that strengthen families and promote the optimal development of children.


To be a leading member of an integrated system of community services that fosters the healthy development of children and families, resulting in a strong and socially responsive community.



We believe in the strength of partnerships that increase community capacity and accessibility to local health care and social services.


We are guided by integrity and fiscal responsibility and strive to be effective and responsive to the needs of our community.

Nurturing Environment

We provide a safe and supportive environment that fosters a sense of trust and mutual respect where individuals feel connected to one another and their community.


We operate in the spirit of inclusion and acceptance whereby all individuals belong and feel valued.

Lifelong Learning

We value education and recognize the power of lifelong learning and empowerment as the foundations of a strong community.

A registered charitable organization since 1987, responding to the needs of Caledon families, made possible through government grants, community support and donations.

Charitable Registration Number: 12353 8050 RR 0001

“The CPCC is very welcoming. I love seeing everyone – from staff to students to volunteers – interact with the families, caregivers and children who attend the Centre. You need very special people to make this work. I can tell you the CPCC know – and love – what they are doing.

CPCC Grandparent