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Volunteerism is steeped in the Centre's long and rich history.  Since its early days, volunteers have been at the heart of the Centre working alongside staff to strengthen the Centre's capacity to deliver quality programs and services to the community.  From those who assist on the front-line to those who work quietly behind the scenes providing leadership and support, our volunteers help to enrich the lives of the families and children we serve. 

In 2011, the Board of Directors adopted the Canadian Code for Volunteer InvolvementIn adopting the Code, The Caledon Parent-Child Centre commits to value and support the contribution of volunteers through respectful, meaningful and inclusive engagement.

To learn more about current volunteer opportunities, visit Volunteer MBC or contact:

Shelly Sargent, Manager of Community Relations & Volunteers
email:  ssargent@cp-cc.org
phone:  905-857-0090

The CPCC Salutes our Volunteers

CPCC  Volunteer Awards Presented At AGM 2018

 CPCC Youth Volunteer Award

The Caledon Parent-Child Centre held its Annual General Meeting and Volunteer Appreciation event in June. At the Appreciation Event, we honoured  Allison Lovitt with our CPCC Youth  Volunteer Award. Allison attended the CPCC as a toddler and began volunteering with our Let’s Get Together group on Tuesday nights a few years ago. In the beginning, she was very shy and quiet high school student. These days, she’s pursuing a post-secondary education as an ECE and has become an integral part of our LGT team. 

 Volunteer Spirit Award

Our 2018 CPCC Volunteer Spirit Award recipient, Kelly Westlake, is also a regular face to our Let’s Get Together Families. She joined the program a year after Allison and has been a tremendous asset ever since. A career Occupational Therapist working in paediatrics, she’s been a very valuable addition to the volunteer component of LGT. She is a lovely lady and also just happens to be Allison Lovitt's mom!

Leanne Flood DIstinguished Achievement Award

Heather Baker joined the CPCC Board of Directors in 2012 and her vast knowledge of finance and accounting has made her a tremendous asset to our Board, serving on the Board’s Executive team in the role of Treasurer and as Chair of the Finance Committee. She assumed the role of Board Chair in 2016 and her financial expertise and strong leadership was important in these past few years of change, financial restraint and organizational growth that has demanded very complex decision-making.  

Over her 6 years of Board work, Heather  worked to strengthen business practices, organizational effectiveness and policy development. Her collaborative approach and respectful demeanour is appreciated by everyone she comes in contact with. and she will be missed. Heather's volunteer excellence was honoured at the AGM & Volunteer Appreciation Event by being presented the CPCC Leanne Flood Distinguished Achievement  Award, 

The CPCC would like to congratulate Allison, Kelly and Heather and say a resounding thank you to ALL of our volunteers. We are proud and honoured to have over 85 volunteers who help our Centre serve the families of our community so well throughout the year!

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