Program Descriptions

Early Learning Activities and Programs

Note:  Some programs may not be offered during each program cycle. 

Family Time - all ages
Adults and children can drop-in and explore a variety of play and activity centres in a stimulating environment.  No registration required.

Songs & Stories - all ages
Listen & Sing with us every day! No registration required. Offered mid-morning during Family Time

Family Mother Goose - all ages
An hour of music and movement.  Children and adults will enjoy interactive musical games, songs and fingerplays to help develop children's senses, bodies and minds while social skills are practiced together.  Sign-in required on a first come, first served basis.

Infant Mother Goose - 0 to 12 months
Adults and children will be introduced to an interactive program of songs, rhymes and cuddly games that encourage early communication and foster bonding and attachment. 
Registration required. 

(Download Infant Mother Goose Fall 2017 Song Sheet here.)
(Download Infant Mother Goose Fall 2015 Song Sheet here.)
Infant Mother Goose Songs, Rhymes and Fingerplays Winter 2015 here.) 

Baby Playtime - 0 to 18 months

Treasure those "magical moments" as you explore the world with your little one.  This fun, social playtime will include a musical Circle Time.  No registration required. 

Physical Literacy Babies - 6-18 months
Physical  activity leads to physical literacy, an important part of a child’s physical, mental and emotional development. With increasing physical literacy, the child gains the confidence, motivation and skills to be successful with movement in games, activities and play. Registration required. 

Physical Literacy - all ages
Physical  activity leads to physical literacy, an important part of a child’s physical, mental and emotional development. With increasing physical literacy, the child gains the confidence, motivation and skills to be successful with movement in games, activities and play. Registration required. 

Toddler Mother Goose - 12 to 30
This interactive program for adults and children focuses on the use of songs, finger plays, rhymes and storytelling designed to enhance early communication and social development. 
Registration required. 
(Toddler Mother Goose Songs, Rhymes and Fingerplays Winter2015 - Wednesday here) 
Toddler Mother Goose Songs, Rhymes and Fingerplays Winter 2015 - Thursday  here) 

Toddler Time - 1-3 years
“It’s never too early to embrace inquiry-based learning!"  Your toddler will engage in an environment filled with early learning materials. This explorative play will build on social communication, cognitive and motor skills.   Registration required.  

Adventures in Science - 2-4 years
Come with us as we explore the world around us through the eyes of a child. This hands-on program incorporates science & math concepts in a fun and creative environment. Includes play opportunities, experimentation, creativity and sensory experiences. Registration required.  Please note: For safety reasons, no infants will be permitted in this program.

Creative Kids - 0-6 years
Children and adults will explore all aspects of the arts including drama, music, construction and visual arts.  Along with exploring imagination and thought process, your child will practice listening, watching, imitating, gross motor, fine motor and language/communication skills. Registration required. 

Family Move & Groove - All ages
Physical Literacy impacts many aspects of our lives.  Your child will be supported while building basic motor skills and abilities through activities, music, and movement.   No registration required.  Drop In - register at front desk

Family Literacy- All ages
This program engages the whole family and helps develop early literacy and numeracy skills that will help children get ready to read. Sessions include recognizing various shapes and patterns, identifying numbers, letters and pictures, songs, stories and rhyming works. Registration required.

Math Is Everywhere - All ages
As we explore our environment it can be seen that math is all over our world.  Open ended activities will highlight early mathematical literacy and support your child to build many skills in the domains of development.   Registration required.

Play & Learn - All Ages
"Play is the work of a child".  An hour of fun-filled educational activities will be provided to children and their accompanying adults to experience, explore, play and learn together.  Registration required.

After School Cool Down - JK & SK students
Join us after school to cool down and unwind.  Enjoy music, painting and play, followed by calming activities designed to teach important strategies to relieve stress and learn self-regulation.  A program designed to increase your child's resiliency and manage busy lives.  You can bring younger siblings to play while your older child participates.  Registration required.

Math & Reading Club - JK & SK students
A tutoring program designed to support JK and SK students who would benefit from additional assistance with language and/or math concepts.  The tutoring sessions incorporate interactive activities that encourage literacy and numeracy skills.  Our staff work in conjunction with parents and teachers to tailor the program to students' particular needs.  Registration required.

Moms Meet Up - 0 - 8 months
Bring your baby and join other moms for a weekly opportunity to meet up, relax, make new friends and connect with others going through the same stage of parenthood. Gain knowledge & resources around parenting topics & share questions & concerns you may have.   Registration required.

Shake, Rattle & Roll - 0 to 12 months
Adults and infants will explore the concepts of music, movement and creative play. Infants will begin to learn body awareness, practice gross motor skills and socialize as they play. Registration required. (Download  Shake, Rattle & Roll Song Sheet here.)  

School Here I Come - Children, entering Kindergarten in September
This program will help your child develop skills needed for school. Your child's natural curiosity will be encouraged along with inquiry and problem solving, language and communication, cognitive development, fine motor and social skills. Children will attend independently while adults can join a discussion to learn strategies to support transition to a full day kindergarten. Registration required

Pre-school Time - 2 to 6 years
Your child will continue the important work of inquiry based play. The play environment will respond to your childs interests includng early learning activities which help build on literacy, math, science concepts while enhancing all of their skills in developmental domains.   Registration required.

Get Ready For School Mini Camp - Offered each summer; for students entering JK in Fall 2018
The Get Ready For School Mini Camp is a structured, week-long summer program for children preparing to enter junior or senior kindergarten each fall. Parents must stay on-site while their children attend mini-camp.  Registration required

Parenting Education Opportunities

Friday Morning Workshops
Parents and caregivers will participate in workshops dealing with a variety of parenting subjects. For a small fee, children can attend the "Me & My Friends" program.  Registration required. 
Me & My Friends - 0 to 6 years

While parents and caregivers participate in parenting education workshops, the children in their care will play in a variety of play centres in a stimulating environment. An interactive story time and a snack time will be included. Children will participate with experienced staff and volunteers.  Registration required.

You & Your Baby - Parents and Infants 0 to 6 months
New mothers are provided opportunities to make new contacts with other first time moms. Education and support is provided on topics such as feeding and nutrition, safety, family adjustments, infant health, discipline etc. Babies remain with moms, no child care is provided. Registration required.

Let's Talk Parenting - Parents and Infants 6 to 12 months

This informal discussion group will provide helpful information on parenting your infant.  Share your thoughts, ideas and resources with other parents and take home information to support and stimulate your child's healthy development.  Discussion topics include the baby brain, the language of crying, bonding and attachment, safety, introduction to literacy, the importance of music, etc.   Babies remain with parents, no child care is provided.  Registration required.

Open Door - all ages
Parents and caregivers can utilize an extensive parenting book and audio/visual library and access information on local family support services. Resources can be accessed during Family Time.  Registration required.

Parenting Circle - 3rd Friday each month
Meet other families from your neighbourhood and build those informal networks that all families benefit from. Learn some strategies to help your child manage social situations and make friends. Drop-in.

Support Services 

Adjustments After Birth (Postpartum Mood Disorder Peer Support Group)
This support group is for mothers affected by postpartum depression and related mood disorders.  Share your experience in a safe and supportive environment and learn strategies to help you cope during this challenging time of adjustment.  Group is held weekly at our main location in Bolton.  Group and childcare are provided free of charge.  Registration is required.  To register, call 905-857-0090 or email  
To download the "Adjustments After Birth" flyer click here. 

A comprehensive listing of additional resources can be found online at

Let's Get Together: Parenting Children with Special Needs
An inclusive program for families facilitated by the Caledon Parent-Child Centre and Brampton/Caledon Community Living.  Come play and connect with other families to explore the various issues that surround parenting a child with special needs. Takes place the first and third Tuesdays each month. Call to inquire, 905-857-0090 or email

To download the "Let's Get Together" flyer click here.

Growing Together in Peel: 
Join the CPCC for this FREE program to meet & share a meal while the children learn & play.  Topics of discussion include areas like healthy foods, active living & wellness.   This program is for families with young children experiencing financial challenges.  Growing Together in Peel is generously funded by CAPC (Community Action Program for Children).  Call the Centre to determine your eligibility905-857-0090 

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