Planned Gifts to The Caledon Parent-Child Centre

Over your lifetime, your hard work has allowed you to build your financial security. Perhaps like most people, you may not have taken the time to consider how the assets of a lifetime will be ultimately distributed.

Charitable giving has become an important tool in estate planning. Through a planned gift to the Caledon Parent-Child Centre, you can help to minimize the taxes you will ultimately pay while also helping to ensure the important role the Centre plays in the lives of children and families in the community.

Gifts in the Present

Gifts of Publicly Listed Securities

When donating a gift of securities directly to a charitable organization such as the Caledon Parent-Child Centre, the entire capital gain is eliminated. This means that there is no need to calculate the reportable capital gain and the tax credit the gift triggers can be used to offset other income tax that you may be obligated to pay.

The types of investments that qualify include: shares, bills, warrants, mutual funds and futures, listed on stock exchanges. Also included are both RRSPs and pension plan benefits.

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Gifts for the future

A Charitable Request

A Charitable Bequest is chosen by many donors because it is easy to do, involves no immediate cost and allows you continued control over your assets. With a bequest in your will, you can give The Caledon Parent-Child Centre a specific amount of money, an item of personal property or a percentage or portion of your estate. Bequests can also be arranged so that The Caledon Parent-Child Centre will be given the residue of your estate after all other bequests have been paid.

Your estate can claim charitable gifts, in the year of death, equal to 100% of net income (higher than the limit of 75% for living donors). Any unused donation credits can be carried back to the previous year at the same 100% rate.

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A Gift of Life Insurance

A Gift of Life Insurance can make giving a larger gift viable. By making The Caledon Parent-Child Centre the beneficiary of a paid-up insurance policy, you will be able to make a significant future gift, without diminishing your estate. When a gift is made through life insurance, the proceeds of the policy remain outside of your estate – thus avoiding probate – and entitle your estate to a tax receipt for the full amount of the policy.

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When you support our Brighter Tomorrows Fund you help to make it possible for each child who walks through our doors access to the best possible start in life...

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