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Raising a child in a rural community is a great experience, but it doesn't come without challenges. The social isolation of rural families, which can be compounded by lack of transportation or access to quality programs and services, can sometimes be a burden to families with young children. 

The Caledon Parent-Child Centre recognized this fact many years ago, and has worked very hard to overcome this problem by providing a rural outreach program which visits a variety of Caledon village communities each week.

Joan*  has visited the Caledon Parent-Child Centre Van Stop in Alton for many years. She moved to the Alton area in the late '80's as a young mom, and was soon taking her son and daughter to the CPCC's toy lending library.  As the years passed and the program grew and expanded, Joan continued to visit the CPCC Alton stop with her children. When they started school, she found herself taking her nieces and nephews to the Village Stop - which had now grown to include regular playtime every other week. 

Joan is a strong advocate for the CPCC's rural program, and continues to visit, but now she is going in the role of "caregiver," taking the children of friends in the community with her to play each week and says she sings the praises of the CPCC Rural Outreach program far and wide. With a twinkle, she says she is hopeful that someday soon, she will be attending the Alton Van Stop with her own grandchildren.She was delighted when the playtime became weekly, noting, "CPCC's Alton Drop In was always a great way to get the children out, meet other parents in the local community and let the children get to know other children in the area.  Some of the friendships my children developed through the CPCC continue to this day!"

* Name has been changed by request.

...Family Support Programs Like "Let's Get Together"

In 2009, Bolton residents Chelo Uribe and her husband Miguel became new parents to baby Daniel. Seeking out fun things to do and ways to connect with other young families in the area, Chelo discovered the Caledon Parent-Child Centre/Ontario Early Years Centre (CPCC/OEYC) and began attending programs and Family Time Drop In regularly.  

Chelo and Daniel were regulars at the Centre for several years, but their family’s journey changed forever when Daniel was diagnosed with Autism. Chelo gave birth to the family’s daughter Angela around the same time. During the diagnosis period and afterwards, the family found themselves struggling with issues related to Daniel’s diagnosis such as disrupted sleep, seizure-like episodes and more. Turning to the supportive staff at the CPCC for guidance during challenging and frightening times, the Uribe’s began attending “Let’s Get Together,” an inclusive program where families come to play and connect with other families as well as explore the various issues that surround parenting a child with special needs. 

“This was a difficult period, but after finding Let’s Get Together - for the first time - we felt we had someone who understood the family situation.” says Chelo. “The special thing about the CPCC is you feel at home, even though the families attending the various programs are all facing differing needs, many of our challenges are the same. You realize, in attending, that everyone is going through the same path of acceptance and learning.”

Chelo’s daughter has also benefited from the Let’s Get Together experience. In playing with the other children who attend, Angela – who is still quite young but understands that her brother is different - has learned to accept those differences in Daniel and in other children at face value.
Because of her own experiences, Chelo has become a strong advocate for the CPCC. She has joined the Centre’s Special Events Committee, feeling a need to support fundraising efforts for the CPCC in financially uncertain times and wanting to share news of the support the Centre offers to families who are busy doing the very important work of raising small children. 

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Your support means families will benefit from early learning & parenting  programs that:

  • Enhance parenting skills
  • Decrease social isolation
  • Encourage healthy development
  • Promote positive family relationships
  • Prevent many incidences of depression and child abuse

Every donation to the CPCC assists families and parents to nurture  stable and responsive relationships and create a safe environment where their children can thrive.

Did You Know...

  • The Caledon-Parent Child Centre (CPCC) is a registered charitable organization
  • Grants and government funds are only one way the CPCC generates money to sustain its programs and services. Other sources of funding include fundraising initiatives, individual donations and business sponsorship.
  • It is necessary for the CPCC to raise its own funds, in fact it is encouraged by several of its funders.
  • All funds raised go back into the CPCC programs and services to help serve you better

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